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Brain Research in Ireland: Investing in all our Futures


The Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI) and the Irish Brain Council (IBC) will hold a conference on March 7th in the Science Gallery, Pearse Street, Dublin 2 entitled "Brain Research in Ireland: Investing in all our Futures".

The conference explores the key factors that should play a critical role in shaping the emerging landscape for brain research in this country. Some of the themes that will be explored include the importance of patient involvement, the need for brain research to be prioritised and supported at policy level and using research to explore solutions to the needs of people with brain conditions and their families.


Attendance is free but it is necessary to register in advance, see the link to follow for registration details Brain Research in Ireland Registration

Call for Abstracts

Poster presentations are invited on basic, clinical and social research into brain conditions to feature at the conference. Applicants should aim to submit abstracts no later than Friday 11th February  to brainresearchireland@gmail.com including contact details for the author.

  • The abstract content should not exceed 250 words, including all contributing authors and affiliations. It should be submitted in a Word document and include title, objective, methods, results, conclusions.
  • Abstracts that have been published or presented elsewhere prior to this meeting will be accepted 3. Abstracts must be proof read carefully, the author will be responsible for correct grammar and spelling 4. The total size of the poster display should be no more than 1189mm x 841mm (Size AO) in portrait style if possible

For futher details please click on the link to follow Conference programme 


9.30AM: Opening address and Launch of IBC Position Paper
IBC President: Dr Niall Pender

Session 1: Brain Research in Ireland: A strategic vacuum?

Prof Orla Hardiman: Professor of Neurology, Trinity College Dublin
Dr Kevin Mitchell: Senior Lecturer in Genetics, Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience

Coffee break and poster presentations

Session 2: Experts by Experience: Supporting Patient Involvement in Brain Research

Joan Jordan, Patient Advocate and member of EUPATI (European Patients Academy)
Dr Derrick Mitchell, CEO, Irish Platform for Patients, Science & Industry (IPPOSI)

Coffee Break and Poster Presentations

Session 3: Key steps in supporting clinical research in Ireland

Dr Muiris O Connor: Head of R&D and Research Analytics: Department of Health
Professor Michael Gill: Professor Of Psychiatry, Trinity College Dublin

Keynote Speaker

Value of Treatment: A holistic care model for brain conditions to close the treatment gap in Europe
Executive Director: European Brain Council

12.30PM: Panel Discussion & Closing Comments




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