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Syncope and Related Disorders

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Venue: Falls and Syncope Unit, St. James' Hospital, Dublin 7

Date: February 28th - March 2nd 2018


This three-day international training event is led by national and international experts in syncope and related disorders. The prominent speakers and sessions have been chosen to reduce gaps in training and to address areas of increasing concern for healthcare practitioners, including: diagnostic tools and risk assessment for syncope and related disorders, atrial fibrillaon and other arrhythmias, epilepsy/SUDEP, dizziness and vestibular assessment, movement disorders and more. Through clinical cases and a practical demonstraon within the Falls and Syncope Unit at St James’s Hospital, participants will learn best practices in diagnosis and management of syncope and related disorders.

Course Directors

  • Professor Rose Anne Kenny, Clinical Director, Falls and Syncope Unit, St James’s Hospital
  • Dr Conal Cunningham, Clinical Director, Medicine for the Elderly, St James’s Hospital

Keynote Speakers

  • Professor Bob Sheldon, Consultant in Electrophysiology, University of Calgary, Canada.
  • Professor Richard Sutton, Emeritus Professor, Cardiology, Imperial College London, United Kingdom.
  • Professor Woulter Wieling, Head of Syncope Unit, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam.


The registration fee for the course is €310. To register please click the link to follow Syncope and Related Disorders Registration

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