Neurology Specialist Registrar Training Day June 2019

Dr. Daniel Costello, Consultant Neurologist / Epileptologist, Cork University Hospital will direct a Specialist Registrar Training Day in Epilepsy on Friday June 21st 2019 at 9:30am The Training day will take place in the 2nd Floor tutorial room, Ward 2A, Cork University Hospital


                                                    June 21st 2019 Neurology Training Day

Time                               Lecture                         Speaker
09.30     ‘Seizure and Epilepsy mimics’ Daniel Costello, Consultant Neurologist/Epileptologist, CUH
10.15      Discussion of teaching cases 1-2  
11.00                                                  Tea and Coffee
11.15      ‘Epilepsy-orientated imaging’ Eimer Maloney, Epilepsy Fellow, CUH
11.45      Discussion of teaching cases 3-4  
12.30                                                    Lunch

‘Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures- Liaison Psychiatry approach’

James Kinahan,
Consultant Psychiatrist, CUH
14.00      Discussion of teaching cases 5-6  
15.00                                               Tea and Coffee
15.15     EPILEPSY QUIZ  
16.00     Answers & annual prize  
16.30     Finish  


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