Registrar Training in Neurology


Entry to training scheme.

Applicants for entry to the training programme to specialise in neurology must have successfully completed Part 1 and Part 2 of the MRCP examinations, and must also have completed the general professional medical training. The Neurology Training Programme is a five year course, one year of which may be fulfilled in research. Research is encouraged as part of the programme and participants frequently complete an MD, PhD or Fellowship during their training programme.
The training programme in neurology in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland is run jointly.


Northern Ireland

Neurology Training in Northern Ireland, (Specialist Training), is organised and managed by NIMDTA (Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency). For information on Neurology Specialist Training in Northern Ireland please click the link to follow NIMDTA  
Dr. John McKinley runs the neurology training programme in Northern Ireland.
Applications from the Republic of Ireland to the scheme are welcome.


Republic of Ireland.

Neurology Training in the Republic of Ireland (Specialist Registrar Training), is organised under the auspices of Royal College of Physicians of Ireland by the Irish Committee for Higher Medical Training (ICHMT), and the National Specialty Directors (NSD) for Neurology are Dr. Janice Redmond and Dr. Brian Sweeney. There is currently a floating specialist registrar post which allows an SpR to take a short period (usually 2 to 3 months) to gain experience in a sub specialty.
Specialist Registrar posts are rotational and participants may expect to spend at least one year of the five, in a centre outside of Dublin i.e. in Cork or Galway. 


Registrar Training Days

One day per month is a dedicated registrar training day, generally the last Friday of each month. Dr.McKinley in Northern Ireland and Dr. Redmond and Dr. Sweeney in the Republic of Ireland jointly plan and organise the programme of registrar training days in neurology.
For the programme of Training Days to date in 2017 please click on the link to follow Registrar Training Days 2017

To view the curriculum for Higher Specialist Training in Neurology please click the link to follow Higher Specialist Training in Neurology Curriculum

For the Programme of Training Days in previous years please click on the links below



While in training, specialist registrars are required to take the RITE examination each year. This is an American Multiple Choice Question examination and assists in identifying areas a weakness in knowledge. In 2017 this examination will place on Friday 17th February at the TR3 Smurfit building Beaumont Hospital, Dublin.
Each specialist registrar is formally assessed once per year and the final year assessment panel also has an external assessor.




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