Dublin Neurological Institute Frontline Run

The Dublin Neurological Institute is a registered charity, caring for patients with neurological diseases including, Parkinson's Disease, Epilepsy, Motor Neurone  Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Headache and Stroke. During the current coronavirus pandemic, ongoing services have continued at the DNI but, as for many charities, fundraising has been heavily impacted. 

In response to this great challenge, front line staff at the DNI resolved that they would not allow the current difficulties to impact on the vital work and support provided by the Institute. They decided to organise a fundraising run with a difference, collectively completing a run of 150 kilometres. The Dublin Neurological Institute 150km Frontline Run took place from Saturday 16th May to Sunday 17th May. With the generous support of many contributors, significant funds have been raised for the DNI.

To contribute to this important fundraising event please click the link to follow to the DNI GoFundMe page


For further information about the Dublin Neurological Institute please click the link to follow Dublin Neurological Institute



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