Neurological Association of Ireland Press Statement February 2011

The Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI), the national umbrella organisation for charities working with people with neurological conditions, published the results of their first nationwide survey on neurological care.

Main Findings
  • 38 per cent of people with neurological conditions waited longer than 6 months to be diagnosed
  • 42 per cent experienced more than 6 month delay in receiving vital services
  • 58 per cent identified shorter waiting times to see a consultant as the change that would have greatest impact
  • 81 per cent view voluntary organisations as essential or very important in providing services and support

“The first nationwide survey on neurological care carried out by the Neurological Alliance Ireland (NAI) is an indictment of the Irish health system and evidence of a mounting crisis in neurological care,” said Professor Orla Hardiman, Consultant Neurologist in Beaumont Hospital and spokesperson for THINKING AHEAD, the NAI Campaign for Neurological Care. NAI represents 30 neurological charities and 700,000 people across the country.

For further details regarding the survey click the link to follow to view the NAI website NAI Press Statement, February 2011

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