Irish Neuroscience Conferences

Beaumont Neuroscience 2009


At Beaumont Hospital, a weekly neuroscience conference is hosted each Friday morning, with presentation of clinical cases. Each month a Guest Speaker is invited to deliver a lecture to the conference. While these guest lectures are usually scheduled to take place on the first Friday of each month, occasionally they may be organised on an alternate Friday to facilitate short visits by international Speakers.
The Neuroscience Conference usually commences at 09.00
When there is a Guest Lecture, the meeting commences at 08.30, with the neuroscience conference following from 09.15 - 10.00 

Carmichael Lecture Theatre

                                   Programme of Guest Speakers Beaumont Neuroscience Meeting 2009
Date / Time Venue Guest Speaker Title / Subject of Lecture
February 6th
08.30 - 09.10
Robert Adams Lecture Theatre    The Phillips report into Head Injury
 July 3rd
08.30 - 09.10
Carmichael Lecture Theatre  Dr. Andrew McKeon, Department of Neurology, Mayo Clinic.  "Paraneoplastic neurological disorders: an update"
August 7th
08.30 - 09.10
Carmichael Lecture Theatre
Beaumont Hospital

Dr. Peter Widdess-Walsh
NYU School of Medicine and
Institute for Neurology and Neurosurgery
Saint Barnabas Ambulatory Care Center
Livingston, New Jersey, USA

"The Epilepsy Phenome Genome Project"
August 28th 08.30 - 09.10 Carmichael Lecture Theatre
Beaumont Hospital
Dr Amre Shahwan, Childrens University Hospital Temple St. and Beaumont Hospital. "Unique Electro-clinical features in young - onset epilepsy"
October 23rd 08.30 - 09.15 Carmichael Lecture Theatre Dr. Rustam Al-Shahi Salman MA PhD FRCP Edin
MRC clinician scientist and honorary consultant neurologist Western General Hospital Edinburgh.

"Incidentalomas on brain MRI: risk of detection, and management".

November 13th 08.30 - 09.10 Carmichael Lecture Theatre Dr. Harry Vinters MD, FFPath-RCPI
Professor of Pathology
Department of Pathology
David Geffen School of Medicine
University of Los Angeles
"Neuropathologic lessons from epilepsy surgery: What the tissue is telling us..."
November 13th 09.15 - 09.55 Carmichael Lecture Theatre Dr. Ronan Kilbride, Instructor in Neurology, Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, USA. "Intraoperative Neurophysiology: Functional Cortical Mapping and Electrocorticography".
 November 20th 08.30 - 09.10 Carmichael Lecture Theatre Professor AHV Schapira, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Royal Free Hospital.   "Emerging and Converging Concepts on the Aetiopathogenesis of Parkinson's disease"
December 4th 08.00 - 08.45  Carmichael Lecture Theatre  Dr. Nikolaus Plesnila, MD
Professor and Chair of Neurodegeneration
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)
123 St. Stephens Green, Dublin 2
Please click the link to follow for a short list of recent publications Prof. Nikolaus Plesnila Publications 
 "Pathophysiology of acute brain injury"

December 8th  09.00

 Carmichael Lecture Theatre Guest Lecturer to be announced  

December 18th

08.30 - 09.10

Carmichael Lecture Theatre Dr. Deniz Yilmazer-Hanke
Department of Anatomy & Biosciences Institute
University College Cork
"Synaptic reorganisation of the amygdala in human temporal lobe epilepsy"

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