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Beaumont Neuroscience Meetings 2008



                                               Programme of Guest Speakers Beaumont Neuroscience Meeting 2008
Date / Time Venue Guest Speaker Title / Subject of Lecture
Jan 25th 09.00 - 09.40 Robert Adams Lecture Theatre Mr. Sadaquate Khan, Neurosurgical Research Registrar for Professor Steven Gill, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol. PPN Deep Brain Stimulation
February 29th Robert Adams Lecture Theatre Professor Kate Bushby, Action Research Professor in Neuromuscular Genetics TREAT-NMD Office, Institute of Human Genetics, Newcastle
For further information please click on the link to follow Professor Kate Bushby
May 2nd 08.00 - 08.45 Carmichael Lecture Theatre Mr. Peter Kirkpatrick and Mr. Peter Hutchinson, Consultant Neurosurgeons, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK The use of Simvastatin in subarachnoid haemorrhage – (The ‘STASH’ study)
May 23rd 08.00 - 08.30 Carmichael Lecture Theatre Daniel Refai M.D.
Resident in Neurosurgery
Washington University School of Medicine
Neurofilament light-chain: a cerebrospinal fluid biomarker of axonal injury following acute aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage
June 13th 08.30 Carmichael Lecture Theatre Professor John Hardy
Institute of Neurology, University College London
Neurodegeneration & genetics - the future
June 27th 09.00 - 09.30 School of Nursing, Main Building, Beaumont Hospital Dr. Agnieszka Slowik, from the Department of Neurology, Jagiellonian University , Krakow. Antioxidative system in age related neurological diseases.
August 1st 08.30- 09.15 School of Nursing, Main Building, Beaumont Hospital Dr Mike Panzara, Medical Director, Biogen Idec, Boston Potential Future Targets for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.
August 8th 09.00 - 10.00 School of Nursing, Main Building, Beaumont Hospital Dr. Nicola Wolfe, Paediatric Neurologist, Amsterdam Hypomyelinating syndromes
Please note that a clinical case will be presented at 09.00 and Dr. Wolfe's guest lecture will follow at 09.20
August 15th 08.30 - 09.10 School of Nursing, Main Building, Beaumont Hospital Dr. Dan Healy, Queen Square, London The clinical relevance of familial PD
November 28th 08.30 - 09.00 Carmichael Lecture Theatre Dr. Amri Shawhan The prevalence of seizures in comatose children in paediatric intensive care units
December 12th 09.00 - 09.30 Carmichael Lecture Theatre Dr. Sharon Abrahams, University
of Edinburgh.
Cognitive change in ALS: Evidence of subclinical FTD?

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