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Inaugural Beaumont Grand Rounds AbbVie Neurology Medal

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The Dublin Neuroscience Conference at Beaumont Hospital which takes place each Friday, features presentation of clinical cases and monthly Guest Lectures.  
Dr. Eavan McGovern, Neurology Specialist Registrar, proposed the foundation of a Hospital Medal to recognise the high standard in clinical case presentation and worked with Professor Michael Farrell, the Chairman of the Conference, to establish this award.

Professor Farrell said "The award recognises excellence of presentation combined with the educational value both to the audience and to the presenter. Emphasis is placed on clinical skills especially in the presentation and demonstration of history taking and neurologic examination supplemented by relevant radiologic or pathologic / genetic / biochemical findings.  The conference runs from April 1st to March 31st in parallel with continuing medical education period set by The Royal College of Physicians / Surgeons".

L to R Prof. Michael Hutchinson, Prof. Chris Pidgeon, Prof. Mary King, Dr. Nicky Allens, Ms. Nuala Carey, Dr. Raymond Murphy, Dr. Donal Costigan, Dr. Richard Walsh.


The Beaumont Grand Rounds Neurology Medal is kindly sponsored by AbbVie and the support of AbbVie for this award is greatly appreciated.

The inaugural Grand Rounds Neurology Medal was awarded to Dr. Nicky Allens, mentored by Professor Mary King, Temple Street University Hospital.

L to R. Prof. Norman Delanty, Beaumont Hospital; Ms. Nuala Carey, AbbVie Pharmaeuticals; Prof Mary King, Children's University Hospital Temple Street; Dr. Nicky Allens, Inaugural Beaumont Grand Rounds Neurology Medal winner.




  Dr. Eavan McGovern




Dr. Eavan McGovern commented "I am delighted to see the beginning of what I hope becomes a longstanding tradition at Beaumont Grand Rounds, The Hospital Medal. Irrespective of your vantage point -  sheepishly slinking in the back row, enthusiastically perched up front, Presenter or Chair – the quality of presentations is superb and the ensuing discussions enlightening.
The debates are liveliest when the hospital pool of consultants and SPRs is greatest.  In an effort to sustain & increase this wide reaching audience, the Hospital Medal was born, an annual award presented to the Hospital with the best case from the previous year.
I hope this award fosters enthusiasm and pride in an excellent clinical meeting “avec des petites pépites médicales”.


André Brouillet illustration of "Une leçon clinique à la Salpêtrière."





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