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Record attendance as the sun shone on the 53rd Annual Irish Neurological Association Meeting

056w IICN Meeting 2017

The 53rd meeting of the INA held in the Radisson Stillorgan Dublin last week was very successful.



Platform Presentations

Parkinson's Disease Debate


INA Dinner

Fun Run

Callaghan Guest Lecture - Prof. Mark Edwards

A Career in Neurology - Dr. Donal Costigan

Awards and Prizes


Starting off with a CPC led by Dr Brett, Dr Looby and Dr Moroney two SpR teams discussed the complexities of neuroanatomy, investigations and differential diagnosis.

The 8 SpRs and Dr Wrigley, presenter from Tallaght , were excellent and were all awarded a copy of the movement disorder book written by the meeting keynote speaker.

Dr. Francesca Brett, Neuropathologistt

Dr. Joan Moroney, Neurologist

Dr. Seamus Looby, Neuroradiologist


Dr. Maria Gaughan. Dr. Damien Ferguson and Dr. Conor Fearon

Dr Luke O'Donnell, Dr. Hugh Kearney, Dr. Karen O'Connell Dr. Maria Gaughan  and Dr. Zara Togher

Dr. Karen O'Connell and Dr. Peter Bede

Dr. Amina Coffey, Dr. Marie Ryan, Dr. David Vaughan. Dr. Mary Clare McKenna and Dr. Laura Williams

 Platform Presentations

Platform sessions were organised on neuromuscular disorders, delay in diagnosis, epilepsy, movement disorders, Neurosurgery, multiple sclerosis and stroke /cognitive conditions.

Hot topics in these areas were succinctly discussed by Dr Shane Smyth, Dr Brian Sweeney, Dr Kevin Murphy, Dr Fiona Molloy, Dr Chris McGuigan and Dr Justin Kinsella.

The presentations were all excellent reflecting the current interest in the discipline and talent of our trainees.

Dr. Mark McCormack, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin

Dr. Ronan McGinty, Cork University Hospital
Dr. Katherine Benson, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin
Dr, Lilia Zaporojan, St. James' Hospital, Dublin

Dr. Robert Foley, King's College, London
Dr. Bernadette Monaghan, St. James' Hospital, Dublin.
Dr. Peter Widdess-Walsh, Consultant Neurologist, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin Dr. Kevin Murphy, Consultant Neurologist, Sligo University Hospital Professor Norman Delanty, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

 Parkinson's Disease Debate

A debate on Parkinsons disease between Dr Tim Counihan and Dr Richard Walsh was moderated by Dr David Bradley. We will all remember the testy interactions!


The poster presentations were varied and of a very high standard. All areas on Neurology were covered. There was a very busy poster viewing session.

 INA Dinner

The Thursday night dinner was at a wonderful venue, the Royal St George Yacht club where we were welcomed by Dr Robert Daly. Following a convivial reception at which Dr. Donal Costigan joined the talented jazz musician, Zane Lidaka, in a duet, guests moved to the dining room to enjoy an excellent dinner while enjoying the view across Dublin Bay. The inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award in Clinical Neuroscience was presented to Dr Sean Murphy, retired neurologist from Beaumont Hospital . He  regaled some affectionate memories of the late Dr Hugh Staunton. A truly memorable evening.

Dr. Seán Murphy, Mr. Ted Buckley, Ms, Oonagh Buckley and Dr. Kevin Murphy

Dr. Stanley Hawkins, Dr. Seán Connolly and Dr. Malachi McKenna
Dr. Roddy Galvin, Dr. Mairead Phillips, Mr. Jack Phillips and Dr. Brian O'Moore
Dr. Mark Edwards, Dr. Janice Redmond and Dr. Aisling Ryan

Dr. Stanley Hawkins, Dr. Stephen Hunt, Mr. Neil Simms and Dr. Ferghal McVerry
Dr. Karen McKnight and Dr. Jim Morrow

 Fun Run

Friday morning got off to an early start with a 5 K run from the hotel lobby. A great way to wake up and Dr Doherty brought along fruit for the hungry participants after the run!

 Callaghan Guest Lecture - Prof. Mark Edwards

The key note address was by Prof Mark Edwards from St Georges Hospital in London. He enthralled a packed auditorium about Functional Neurology, The Art of Normal, and the need for a multidisciplinary team to deal this common problem. I hope he will return for future talks. The lecture was attended by Mrs. Ann Callaghan.

  A Career in Neurology - Dr. Donal Costigan

Dr Donal Costigan looked back over a career well spent in Neurology, we are so happy that he did come back to Dublin in the end.

Professor Mark Edwards, St. George's University of London delivering the Callaghan Guest Lecture 2017
Mr. Andrew Finnerty, Mrs. Ann Callaghan and Mr. Mike Callaghan


Dr. Seán Murphy, Retired Consultant Neurologist introduces Dr. Costigan's lecture

Dr. Donal Costigan, Consultant Neurologist

 The Award and Certificate Prize winners are listed below:

  • The Harold Millar Prize for best overall presentation was awarded to Dr. Conor Fearon for his presentation "Electroencephalography Shows Subclinical Motor Preparation Deficits for Simple Motor Tasks in Parkinson’s Disease Patients with Freezing of Gait During Locomotion"
  • The John Kirker Prize for best Epilepsy related presentation was awarded to Dr. Michael Kinney for his presentation "What happened to Topiramate? An update from the UK and Ireland Epilepsy and Pregnancy Register".
  • The prize for best Neurosurgical presentation was awarded to Mr. David Holmes for his presentation "Surveillance imaging of the incidental cerebral cavernoma in Northern Ireland: A retrospective, observational study"
  • The Mark Gibson Medal for best Movement Disorder Presentation was awarded to Dr. Diana Olszewska for her presentation "Autosomal dominant gene negative Frontotemporal dementia-think of SCA17 Movement Disorders".
  • The Hugh Staunton Medal for best presentation by an intern or medical student was awarded to Ms. Lorraine Sproule for her presentation "The Influence of Co-morbid Disease in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis.
  • The prize for best Poster Presentation was awarded to Dr. Siew-Mei Yap for her presentation "Is there an argument for continuation of natalizumab therapy in patients with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis?
Dr. Janice Redmond, presenting the Harold Millar Prize for best overall presentation at the INA meeting 2017 to Dr. Conor Fearon Dr. Michael Kinney, winner of the John Kirker Prize for best epilepsy presentation at the INA meeting 2017
Dr. Janice Redmond presenting the prize for best Neurosurgical presentation at the INA meeting 2017 to Mr. David Holmes Dr. Janice Redmond presenting the Mark Gibson medal for best Movement Disorder presentation at the INA meeting 2017 to Dr. Diana Olszewska
Dr. Janice Redmond with Ms. Lorraine Sproule and Mr. Gabriel Staunton at the presentation of the Hugh Staunton medal for best undergraduate or intern presentation at the INA meeting. Dr. Janice Redmond presenting the prize for best poster presentation to Dr. Siew-Mei Yap

Certificate Prizes

The Irish Neurological Association President, Dr. Janice Redmond, and the judges agreed that the standard of presentations was exceptionally high. The judges agreed that certificate prizes would be awarded to the following presenters:  

  • Best Neuromuscular presentation: Dr. Jon McKee for his presentation "REEP-1 gene mutation, an extremely rare cause of Hereditary Motor Neuropathy".
  • Best Multiple Sclerosis presentation: Dr. Karen O'Connell for her presentation "Dose-related effects of vitamin D on immune responses in a cohort of treatment naive clinically isolated syndrome and healthy control participants: Results of a randomised controlled trial".
  • Best Stroke/Cognitive presentation: Dr. Emer McGrath for her presentation "Protein biomarkers as predictors of dementia in the Framingham Offspring cohort".
  • Second Poster Prize: Dr. Mary Clare McKenna for her poster presentation "Fracture Prevention in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and Related Disorders".
  • Highly Commended Poster Prize: Dr. Gavin McCluskey for his poster presentation "Systematic review of population based epidemiological studies in idiopathic intracranial hypertension".
  • Commended Poster Prize: Dr. David Vaughan and Dr. Antoinette O'Connor for their poster presentation "The readability of internet information on Lewy Body Dementia".
  • Commended Poster Prize: Dr. Sarah Cormican for her poster presenation "Stroke-like Migrainous Episodes After Radiation Therapy (SMART Syndrome): Cases in an Irish Neurology Unit".
Dr. Janice Redmond presenting the Certificate for best Neuromuscular presentation to Dr. Jon McKee, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast Dr. Janice Redmond presenting the Certificate for best Multiple Sclerosis presentation to Dr. Karen O'Connell, St. Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin  


Dr. Janice Redmond presenting the Certificate for her poster presentation to Dr. Mary Clare McKenna


Dr. Janice Redmond presenting the Certificate for his poster presentation to Dr. David Vaughan


Dr Brian Herron will host the meeting next year in Belfast and I wish him every success in 2018. It has been a great privilege. Thanks again to all my colleagues and to Colette for just about everything!

                                                                                                                       - Dr. Janice Redmond, INA President 2017



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