Galway welcomes Neurology Meeting

The Institute's Annual Update in Neurology Meeting which was held in the Ardilaun hotel in Galway on September 26th was attended by physicians, neurologists, general practitioners, neurology trainees, and allied health professionals. More than 110 participants registered for the Meeting.

Dr. Tim Counihan, welcoming the participants to the meeting remarked on the unique nature of the Update meeting in having a programme of speakers of such international renown. The emphasis of the meeting was on interactive sessions, in which speakers reviewed recent advances in therapy for a topic within their area of expertise. The purpose of the meeting was to provide non-neurologist physicians, GPs and Allied Health Professionals with an up-to-the-minute review of neurological advances in selected disorders.

The meeting was divided into three sessions: the first two sessions comprised didactic reviews on the treatment of Parkinson's disease, Neuropathic Pain, Headache, Stroke and Epilepsy. The final session involved audience participation in a series of  case vignettes, emphasising clinical-problem-solving strategies.

Professor Andrew Lees, from the National Hospital, London, discussed the modern treatment of Parkinson's disease. His discussion was broad-based, covering practical aspects of symptom management as well as a review of potential neuroprotective therapies. He presented archived video-taped material of one of the first patients with Parkinson's treated with levodopa.

Professor Richard Barbano, from the University of Rochester, New York, USA, reviewed existing and emerging therapies for neuropathic pain, emphasising the treatment of diabetic and postherpetic neuralgia.

After lunch, Professor Peter Goadsby, from the National Hospital, London, spoke about the practical management of migraine, as well as providing new insights into the pathogenesis of migraine. His talk was illustrated with video images of functional brain imaging in models of migraine.

Dr. Peter Kelly, Consultant Neurologist from the Mater hospital, Dublin, summarised the modern management of stroke, with particular reference to the importance of stroke units in Ireland.

Dr. John Craig, Consultant Neurologist from Belfast City Hospital, discussed the management of epilepsy in pregnancy, and presented data from the UK Epilepsy in pregnancy registry.

The meeting concluded with the presentation of five cases of general medical and neurological interest. There was lively interaction between audience and presenters, and it was felt that the cases presented were most instructional.

The meeting was followed by a reception and dinner, which provided participants the opportunity to meet informally.

Participants, evaluating the meeting provided very positive feedback, and also made valuable suggestions about the topics which they would like to see covered in future meetings.Please click on the links below for photographs from the meeting.

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