Neurology Update Meeting 2010

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At the Neurology Update Meeting on October 8th, Professor Josep Dalmau, Professor of Neurology at the University of Pennsylvania, delivered a riveting lecture. He outlined his beautiful clinical research detective work which has been instrumental in describing the newly recognised anti-NMDA receptor antibody mediated encephalitis, and which can present as unusual psychiatric manifestations, various movement disorders, and seizures. His lecture was very well received, and prompted a number of interesting and lively questions and discussion from the audience

Speakers at Neurology Update Meeting 2010

Dr. Norman Delanty, Dr. Niall Conlon, Professor Orla Hardiman, Guest Lecturer Professor Josep Dalmau, University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Bryan Lynch, Dean Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience and Professor Michael Hutchinson

Left: Dr. Donal Costigan, Prof. Josep Dalmau, Professor Orla Hardiman and Dr. Bryan Lynch




Right: Prof. Josep Dalmau, Professor of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania





Left: Dr. Karen McKnight, Consultant Neurologist, Ulster Hospital and Dr. Paul McMonagle, Consultant Neurologist, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.



Right: Dr. John Lynch, Consultant Neurologist, University College Hospital, Galway and Ms. Laragh De Bhulbh.


Below: Professor Orla Hardiman, Consultant Neurologist, Beaumont Hospital














           Above: Mr. Chris Carroll and Ms. Aoife Ní Mhaoileoin, Medical Students, Trinity College Dublin.

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