Registrars' Prize 2004

Registrars Prize
Venue: The Conrad Hotel, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2

Section 1:   Research Papers 14.00 -16.45

A Mohd Nor: Streamlining the Management of Brain Attack: Prospective Validation Study of ROSIER Scale - A Stroke Recognition Instrument for Emergency Department

S. Cronin: MTHFR C677 - T polymorphism is a risk factor for stroke in large populations: results of a meta-analysis

R. Renganathan: Study of motor cortex function in patients with Parkinson’s disease using transcranial magnetic stimulation

John Philip O'Dwyer: Sensory abnormalities in unaffected relatives in familial adult onset primary torsion dystonia: an endophenotype?

P. Kinirons: Lymphocytic meningitis – incidence, causes and outcomes. A five-year experience

3.15 - 3.30: Break

M. Greenway: Angiogenin: A novel candidate gene in ALS

O. O'Toole: Exercise as a risk factor for ALS

K. O'Rourke: Neutralising antibodies to beta-interferon increase the treatment failure rate in multiple sclerosis

A. Shukralla: The Beaumont Hospital Neurology Audit: Efficiency modeling.

JC McHugh: Time to presentation of acute stroke in North Dublin city. A prospective audit.

16.15 -16.30: Break

Section 2:   Clinical Presentations (Prize €250) 16.30 -18.30

R. Renganathan: Recurrent Rhabdomyolysis secondary to combined Complex I and Complex II deficiency

John Philip O'Dwyer: Fragile-X - associated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome in a woman on chemotherapy

K. O'Rourke: Aquired paroxysmal torticollis and bilateral blepharospasm following bilateral cerebellar infarction

P. Kinirons:  Acute pseudobulbar palsy secondary to methotrexate with rapid response to IVIG

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