Sun shines on 42nd annual INA Meeting

Delegates to the 42nd annual Irish Neurological Association Meeting enjoyed beautiful sunshine in the Connemara Coast hotel, Galway during breaks from stimulating academic sessions. Click to view Photo: Dr. Tim Counihan, Dr. Yvonne Langan, Dr. Michael Hennessy, INA President, Dr. Helena Moore.
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The meeting programme included sessions dedicated to Multiple Sclerosis, Epilespy, Neurosurgery and Stroke.
Papers on Parkinson's disease, Migraine, Dystonia and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis were presented in addition to significant case reports. Poster presentations were wide and varied and addressed topics as diverse as 'European working time directive in Derry: impact on a stroke unit' and 'Sneddon's Syndrome, Marantic Endocarditis and Lung Cancer: A Paraneoplastic Phenomenon'.

Guest Lecture
Professor Robert Griggs was the invited speaker to the 42nd annual meeting of the INA. In the inaugural Callaghan lecture he discussed the classification and recent advances in the molecular genetics of the neurological channelopathies. He noted that some 100 neurological diseases were now recognised as disorders of ion channels which represented an explosion of knowledge in just four years. Many common neurological diseases may have ion channel dysfunction as a contributor to their clinical manifestations (eg MS, inflammatory neuropathies, etc). Finally. he also discussed the difficulties in devising treatments for rare diseases. Whilst accepting that randomised controlled trials were the gold standard he also discussed the merits of single case ( n of 1) trials.

The Guest Lecture this year was dedicated to the memory of Dr Noel Callaghan, recently deceased. The association was honoured by the presence of Mrs. Ann Callaghan and family attending the dedication, which was delivered by Dr. John Moran. Photo: Dr. John Moran, Dr. Michael Hennessy, Prof. Robert Griggs, Mrs. Ann Callaghan, Mr. John Callaghan.

The Harold Miller Prize for best overall presentation was awarded to Dr. Seán Pittock for his presentation 'Neuromyelitis optica brain lesions localize at sites of high aquaporin-4 expression'.
The John Kirker Prize for best Epilepsy related paper was awarded to Mr. Donncha O'Brien for his presentation 'Anatomical hemispherectomy for intractable seizures: excellent seizure control, low morbidity and no superficial cerebral haemosiderosis'
Photo: Dr. Michael Hennessy, Mr. Donncha O'Brien
The prize for best poster presentation was awarded to Dr. Lisa Costelloe for her poster 'A quantitative analysis of natural regulatory T cells using FoxP3 expression in a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) cohort compared to controls'.
Photo: Dr. Michael Hennessy, Dr. Lisa Costelloe
The prize for best Specialist Registrar presentation was awarded to Dr. Desiree Fernandez for her paper 'A novel ATP1A2 gene mutation in an Irish kindred with Familial Hemiplegic Migraine'.
Dr. Rachel Farrell was awarded the BiogenIdec prize for best Multiple Sclerosis related presentation for her paper 'Development and Validation of Novel Cell based Anti-Interferon Beta Neutralising Antibody Assay'. Photo Dr. Michael Hennessy, Dr. Rachel Farrell, Mr. Joe O'Roarke, BiogenIdec
The prize for the best Neurosurgical paper was awarded to Dr. Deborah McIntyre

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