IICN / Glaxo Smith Kline Grant 2010 Award will support two projects.

The IICN /Glaxo Smith Kline Clinical Neuroscience grant 2010 was awarded jointly to two projects.

Mr. Tom Flannery's research project entitled “Investigation of the role of cathepsins in astrocytoma invasion and angiogenesis in vivo using an orthotopic rodent glioma model”, will be carrid out at the Centre for Cancer Research & Cell Biology, Queen’s University Belfast.

Diffusely infiltrating astrocytomas are incurable primary brain tumours of WHO grades II-IV that have a high recurrence rate in close proximity to the site of resection. Patients with WHO grade IV astrocytomas (Glioblastoma) have a uniformly poor prognosis in spite of aggressive multimodal management (resection, radio-chemotherapy) with a median survival of one year approximately. These tumours are characterised by high proliferation, marked angiogenesis and invasion.


Dr. Raymond Murphy, Consultant Neurologist AMNCH Hospital, with Dr. Bryan Lynch, Dean, Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience, presenting the IICN /GlaxoSmithKline Neuroscience Grant 2010 to Mr. Tom Flannery, Queen's Univeristy Belfast and Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.



For details regarding the second project funded under the grant, Dr. Richard Walsh's "Clinical Fellowship in Movement Disorder, Toronto Western Hospital", please click on the link to follow Movement Disorder Grant award


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