AGM 2016

The Annual General Meeting of the Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience took place on Saturday, December 10th in the Pembroke room, Merrion Hotel, Dublin 4.

Dr. Peter Boers, Treasurer of the IICN presented the 2015 Financial Accounts

The Dean presented his report of the highlights of the year's activities during 2016, please click the link to follow to view the report. Dean's Report 2016

Ms. Fitzpatrick presented the Management Report, highlighting the contribution of many members who directed meetings, adjudicated prizes, reviewed grant applications and represented Irish neuroscience on national and international bodies and organisations, in addition to members of the Board who directed the activities of the IICN

A Special Resolution was put to the meeting, to approve the changes to the governing document of the IICN from the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the IICN to the new Company Constitution of the Irish Institution of Clinical Neuroscience. The new document had been drafted by the IICN solicitor on instructions from the IICN Board, to conform with the 2014 Companies Act. The Constitution had been presented to Revenue and approved. The Special Resolution was proposed by Dr. Christopher McGuigan and seconded by Dr. Janice Redmond and was passed unanimously by the meeting. The Constitution will now be filed with the Companies Registration Office, the Charities Regulatory Authority and Revenue.

The meeting considered resignation of existing directors fro the Board and proposal of new directors. The following directors agreed to continue in position until the next AGM: Dr. Christopher McGuigan, Dr. Janice Redmond, Dr. Peter Boers, Dr. Mark Delargy, Dr. Joan Moroney, Dr. John McHugh and Dr. Raeburn Forbes. They were all deemed to be re-elected. The following directors resigned from the Board: Dr. Eavan McGovern and Dr. Una Fitzgerald.  Dr. Eimer Maloney and Dr. Richard Reilly were nominated and elected to the Board of Directors.
Dr. McGovern informed the Board that Dr. Hugh Kearney had agreed to be nominated as EAN junior delegate, with Dr. Laura Williams to succeed him next year.

The Dean invited expressions of interest in participation on a new Advance Healthcare Directive Sub Group which the HSE will convene in early 2017 and Dr. Mark Delargy was nominated as IICN representative.

The Dean thanked the retiring Board of Directors and especially Dr. Fitzgerald and Dr. McGovern who had resigned. He also thanked all those attending the meeting and fixed the date of the first Board meeting of 2017 as Monday, 16th January with the 2017 AGM to take place on Saturday, June 17th.

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